Rubi Finds a Home:
The Adventures of Rubi Star

Rubi lives in a pet shop window with her brothers and sisters- a very scary place where giant heads peer in all day. But, it gets even scarier when Rubi’s brothers and sisters begin to disappear. Mr. Rumford say’s they found new homes, and that Rubi will find a new home, too. But Rubi is afraid that no one will want her. That is, until she meets her new mommy. Maybe she will find her forever family afterall.

Rubi is a tiny toy poodle, but don’t let her size fool you. She may be small, but there’s much more to Rubi than just her size. She’s brave, bold, and smart as can be. But she wasn’t always the confident pup she is today. Let Rubi share her amazing adventure and watch as she goes from a frightened, lonely puppy in a pet shop window to a happy, well-loved dog secure in her forever home.

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